Branding? Why bother!

How many images are we bombarded with everyday? On the TV; on the way to work on the bus; in the train or in the car? Pick up a paper or a magazine or turn on the computer and there’s more of those images vying for your attention. Everywhere we look, all the time our eyes are open.

On the simplest level, imaging buying from a shop who’s signs are blue, leaflets are red, ads are green, website is black and who’s bags are yellow? What confusion. Add to that different size typestyles, thicknesses and uncoordinated images without rhyme or reason. Strangely enough though, that is exactly the situation that many businesses put themselves into. Potential customers cannot easily link together different parts of one buiness's promotions and in some cases, even a single campaign of simple ads. Easy to see why then that the best way of promoting any individual business or company, is with a theme.

Thankfully gone are the days when serious business people reach out for a bit of clip art to use as a logo, business has become far too sophisticated for that. There is now an understanding that colours stand for something, you can build a feeling of ‘established’, ‘trust’, ‘excitement’, ‘drama’, ‘reliability’, ‘fun’ just by using a colour - in the right way of course. A graphic can often help create a uniqueness. Typeface also plays a massive part in the portayal of the image a potential customer might be looking for. If the sign, the leaflet, the van, the ad, the website, the bags - all have a matching image then half the job is done. Potential customers will be able to bring it all together when they see each part of the corporate image, whether it is an ad, a passing van, a website, a business card or a shop front.

If you need some information about “briefing a designer for a branding” then keep the quotes, Google that phrase and read on or link here. Meanwhile let’s look at some sensibly cost branding for local companies.

FernleighConsulting1. A consulting company with a good solid reputation, clean lines, different weights of a readable typeface.

2. Carrina jane, unusual colour combination and underlining all in script for an experienced make up professional.



3. HS for Homes Styled - a qualified home stylist, colour swatches to emphasise the job.




ETLingo4. ET Lingo a translation business.




Postcard5. ‘Guess what we do?’ promotion for a balloon company, this appears on all cards and promotions. And the gold bar?





Goldbar6. Pure gold idea for a business providing a trusted, long term service.




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