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Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.

"Why didn't I do it earlier?"

Words from a customer:

"Same old boring residents association newsletter to produce as per the previous six editions. Lots of interesting news but no way of creating a real impact until, that is, I was introduced to Alan Reading at CMR.

In spite of deadline restraints, Alan grasped the moment and applied his superb creative mind and vast experience in design and reader impact resulting in a cost effective, timely, creative and refreshing quality publication, unrecognisable from previous editions, producing vastly improved reader interest and engagement. Just what I was looking for. Why didn't I do it earlier?"

That's what David Taylor from St Mary's Island Residents Association said about Alan Reading after seeing the SMIRA newsletter (below left).

If you keeping putting it off, then put it off no longer, branding, leaflet, website, newsletter whatever it is GET GOING, you need all the Creative and Marketing services you can get when the going gets tough.

Branding that makes you stand out from the crowd
Retail branding requires something created with great care
Graphic designers have creative vision not computers
Making Art work is a specialist skill that CMR have
Marketing is how you intend to make a profit.
It is what goes on the printed document that is important
Two packages, each providing good value for money.
Graphic design talent converted for the World Wide Web.
Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.
The right photograph makes the difference.
Creative packaging to ensure customers buy your product.
Unusual ideas for unique occasions.
Keep up-to-date with everything that is going on at CMR
Experience pays dividends.
Budget beater!

If finance is an issue then go for a single colour newsletter click cover to download pdf (left) or a less expensive full colour newsletter download pdf (right) or an online full colour download pdf (far left bottom).

Discovering Ancient Lenham (left)
Design and Marketing doesn't need to be a problem! Call CMR
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LVBABusinessDirectoryCoverWebmags are more common now than when we started producing them. When CMR were first asked to help organise a business association in the area around Lenham, in Kent, it seemed a natural solution for a tight budget to produce an online Business Directory in addition to the 8,000 print run. It's only A5 but it is 64 pages of information aimed at homes and businesses in the area. The LVBA chairman said "It is my belief that the distribution of the directory will more than double our membership as well as procure business for our members." As usual with a CMR project - everybody gains. See the online directory for yourself.

Every client has something to say, something that would interest potential customers, or just inform supporters and ensure constant communication. Magazines and Newsletters provide an ideal way to maintain the link, keep the information rolling. Every client has a story. No matter what your budget there is a way of producing a suitable newsheet, it doesn't have to be full colour, even one and two colour newsletters can be creative, scroll down for Marden Parish Council and St Mary's Island, the Threshold and the Maritime Messenger newsletters. So if you want a magazine or newsletter in Kent contact CMR.

Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing Threshold9 MM45 Mixitcover